Hey there,

Glad to see you’re interested in joining Web3 Builders.

If you’re interested in taking a greater and more involved role with the club, apply for one of the committees below by completing the challenges.

If you’re just interested in learning more about Web3 and Blockchain and want to be involved with the club in more of a learning role and want to come to our events to get up to speed on Web3, apply to the General committee.

There’s no pressure to apply to a specific committee if you don’t feel super comfortable with web3 yet. This club was actually designed to introduce blockchain to new people!

Challenges for candidates

Please follow the links below to find your challenge 🧙

Build Team









Not sure about which team?

Applying for a team does not mean you can’t switch to another discipline! Team switching or taking on extra responsibilities in a different team is totally cool. Regardless of which team you are on, you enjoy the same community and can learn web3 things with all of us.